PationGrid Theme with a Stylish Approach

About Pation

Pation comes with a sticky navigation and a minimal grid layout. When the option "Randomize Post Size" is turned on, a new layout will be generated with each reload. In addition, it also comes with 45+ font options, 10 social links, 3 hover styles, along with the ability to customize post size/gutter and popout ask/submit box.

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Theme Features

Randomized Post Grid

The size of each post will be randomly generated with each reload. This option can be turned on/off

Infinite Scrolling

Posts loads automaticalls as readers reach the bottom. We’ve also added a nice loading effect with Pation

Fully Responsive

This theme is optimized to work perfectly on any devices, test this out on your mobile or tablet!

Cross Browser

This theme works on all modern browser without sacrificing any features

Adjustable Fonts

Pation is packed with over 45 carefully handpicked typefaces right in the customize panel

Logo and Background Upload

Use a logo or background image to add a extra layer of personal branding on your blog

Social Media

Including all major social networks, Pation has the ability to let you display icons or text

Popout Ask & Submit Box

Ask and submit boxes are loaded then activated through a pop out overlay

Black and White Images

Add a retro taste to your blog by enabling this option, this option is labeled “Cerean”

3 Hover Styles

Pation has 3 different photo hover style to choose from. Options ranging from text to icon based

Highly Optimized

Built with robust coding, Pation offers a high customizability without any bloated options

Theme Customizations

  • Color Pickers

    • Background
    • Title
    • Text
    • Accent
  • On/Off Options

    • Repeat Background Image
    • Tumblr Default Controls
    • Retina Logo Image
    • Enable Archive Link
    • Enable Random Link
    • Enable RSS Link
    • Icon Social Links
    • Infinite Scrolling
    • Randomize Post Size
    • Photo Hover Style 1
    • Photo Hover Style 2
    • Photo Hover Style 3
    • 2000 and Late (Retro Style)
    • Ragtime (Black & White Photos)
    • Cerean (Image Color Reversed on Hover)
    • Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD Post Loading)
  • Dropdown Selections

    • Fonts (47 options)
  • Text Input Fields

    • Follow Link Label
    • Ask Link Label
    • Submit Link Label
    • Archive Link Label
    • Random Link Label
    • Post Width
    • Post Margin
    • Randomized Post Width Minimum
    • Randomized Post Width Maximum
    • Behance URL
    • Dribbble URL
    • Facebook URL
    • Linkedin URL
    • Instagram URL
    • Pinterest URL
    • SoundCloud URL
    • Twitter URL
    • Vimeo URL
    • Youtube URL
    • 5 Custom Links
  • Please refer to our premium services page if you'd like to make extensive customizations.

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