StampVersatile Minimal Grid Template

About Stamp

Built with a header and sidebar version, it has a minimal touch as a base. It's clean, timeless yet versatile. With this theme, you are able to change the post width/margin, over 20 font types, 3 photo hover style, infinite scrolling and much more...

Theme Features

Minimal yet versatile

The minimalistic grid Tumblr theme you’ve been looking for, paired with unmatched attention to details

Adjustable Layout

Want to switch things up a bit? no worries, Stamp has the header and sidebar layout built right within

Infinite Scrolling

With the built-in infinite scroll, browsing through a blog has never been so easy before

Photo Quickview

With the built-in lightbox photo quick view, looking through photos is unbelievably convenient

Color Customizable

You can effortlessly change the colors on Stamp to fit your style with the built in customize panel

Instagram Feed

We understand how much you like sharing photos, so we’ve cooked an IG feed right within the theme

Theme Customizations

  • Color Pickers

    • Background
    • Links
    • Links Hover
    • Dividers
    • Blog Title
    • Navigation Links
    • Navigation Links Hover
    • Description
    • Post Text
    • Post Title
    • Post Dividers
    • Photo Gradient Top
    • Photo Gradient Bottom
    • Photo Overlay Text
  • On/Off Options

    • Animated Loading
    • Animated Loading Wheel
    • Repeat Background
    • Reversed Logo Fade
    • Limit Container Width
    • Sidebar Fixed
    • Sidebar Aligned Middle
    • Sidebar at Right
    • Blog Title Decoration
    • Social Icon Decoration
    • Uppercase Blog Title
    • Uppercase Navigation Links
    • Hide Description
    • Hide Post Notes
    • Show To Top Button
    • Show Archive Link
    • Show Random Link
    • Show RSS Link
    • Show Theme Link
    • Hover Style 1
    • Hover Style 2
    • Post Rounded Photo Captions
    • Infinite Scrolling
    • Open Links in New Tab
  • Dropdown Selections

    • Layout (header or sidebar)
    • Sidebar Text Aligned (left/center/right)
    • Title Font (20 Google fonts)
    • Body Font (20 Google fonts)
    • Post Width (7 variations)
    • Post Margin (7 variations)
  • Text Input Fields

    • Limited Container Width
    • Ask Link Title
    • Submit Link Title
    • Archive Link Title
    • Instagram Feed Title
    • Instagram Feed ID
    • Photo Overlay Opacity
    • Custom Link (5 additional custom links)
    • Social URL's (15 major social networks)
  • Please refer to our premium services page if you'd like to make extensive customizations.

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