MelvinA Content Focused Moodboard

About Melvin

Designed and built as a photo stream, use Melvin to create a stunning photography showcase. With it's contemporary and elegant layout, every distracting elements are stripped out leaving only the important things in sight - your content.

*Instructions on setting up the Instagram feed

Theme Features

Insanely Minimal

Tucking everything into the sidebar and leaving what matters the most Рyour Tumblr posts

Infinite Scrolling

Also called endless scrolling. Greet your visitors with an never ending feed of content

Adjustable Content Width

Choose up to five variations on the post width, the size of your content is on your own hand

Switch Sidebar Slide-out Button

Adjust the position of the sidebar slide-out button to any of the four corners

Endless Customize Options

With over 70 options right in the customize panel, it can do just about everything

Instagram feed

We know how important Instagram is nowadays, showcase your feed right on your blog

Theme Customizations

  • Color Pickers

    • Background Gradient Top
    • Background Gradient Bottom
    • Front Background
    • Dividers
    • Slideout Button
    • Slideout Button Background
    • Slideout Button Background Hover
    • Sidebar Background
    • Sidebar Title
    • Sidebar Text
    • Sidebar Links
    • Sidebar Links Hover
    • Post Text
    • Post Title
    • Post Link
    • Post Link Hover
    • Photo Overlay
    • Photo Overlay Buttons
  • On/Off Options

    • Sidebar Sections Rounded
    • Uppercase Sidebar Title
    • Uppercase Sidebar Links
    • Sidebar title Spacing
    • Sidebar Links Spacing
    • Sidebar Icons Brand Scheme
    • Show Archive Link
    • Show Random Link
    • Show RSS Link
    • Show Credit Link
    • Photo Hover Effect 1
    • Photo Hover Effect 2
    • Photo Hover Effect 3
    • Hide Post Tags
    • Hide Post Notes
    • Open Links in New Tab
    • Infinite Scrolling
  • Dropdown Selections

    • Sidebar Position (left/right)
    • Slideout Icon Position (top/bottom)
    • Content Size (post width)
    • Title Font (30 options)
    • Body Font (30 options)
  • Text Input Fields

    • Photo Overlay Transparency
    • Ask Link Title
    • Submit Link title
    • Archive Link Title
    • Description Section Title
    • Navigation Section Title
    • Social Section Title
    • Instagram Section Title
    • Instagram Feed ID
    • Social URLS (13 major social networks)
    • Custom Links (up to five custom links)
  • Please refer to our premium services page if you'd like to make extensive customizations.

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