LevelAn Ajax Powered Masonry Theme

About Level

Level is a Tumblr theme with a heavy "user experience approach", the simple and straight forward design allows your audience to browse your blog in a direct matter. With the use of Ajax loading (popup) users are allowed to read content without ever needing to reload. It is also built with a responsive design, which means it will look good even on your tablet and mobile phones.

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Theme Features

Heavy UX Approach

Designed for maximum user experience, making your site easy to navigate

Responsive Design

The theme is designed to fit every browsing devices, try it on your mobile or tablet!

Particle Backgrounds

An optional special effect that will generate a cool animated background particles

Five Layout Options

Switch between five different template layouts using the same set of code

Infinite Scrolling (optional)

Endlessly load the next set of posts without having to reload the page

Post Popups (ajax)

Single post page can be loaded on-site without having to reload the page

Post Highlighting

Want to attract attention on a single post? tag it with “large” to double it’s size

Super customizable

Equipped with 36 different Google fonts, 5 layouts, and 3 photo hover effects

Theme Customizations

  • Color Pickers

    • Background
    • Front Background
    • Strokes
    • Text
    • Accent
  • On/Off Options

    • Ajax Loading
    • Infinite Scrolling
    • Print Text
    • Particle Background
    • Repeat Background
    • Navigation Labels
    • Navigation Block Styled
    • Social Icons
    • Show Blog Title
    • Show Searchbox
    • Show Archive Link
    • Show Random Link
    • Show RSS Link
    • Photo Hover Style 1
    • Photo Hover Style 2
    • Photo Hover Style 3
    • Photo Overlay
    • Photo Padding
  • Dropdown Selections

    • Layout - Header/Sidebar Left/Sidebar Right/Sidebar Blent
    • Stroke Thickness
    • Fonts (36 Fonts)
  • Text Input Fields

    • Navigation Link Label Ask
    • Navigation Link Label Submit
    • Navigation Link Label Archive
    • Instagram URL
    • Facebook URL
    • Twitter URL
    • Dribbble URL
    • Behance URL
    • Linkedin URL
    • Tumblr URL
    • WordPress URL
    • Soundcloud URL
    • Pinterest URL
    • Flickr URL
    • Youtube URL
    • Vimeo URL
    • 5 Custom Links
  • Please refer to our premium services page if you'd like to make extensive customizations.

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