A Major Update on the Tumblr Theme Collection

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been working on updates through the entire Tumblr theme collection. Below is a list of all the new features and updates. Feel free to shoot me a message if you are experiencing any bugs, or have ideas for new features.

All Themes

  • Added bufferpx so that the infinite scroll fires before reaching the bottom.
  • Added support for full width inline image.
  • Fixed issue with inline image overflowing the post containers.
  • Added support for pages.
  • Issue with view port user-scalable=false fixed.
  • Added “{block:hidden}” for all meta options, reducing html size, therefore increased loading speed
  • Enhanced and packaged javascript files. Enhanced overall loading speed, and removed and flashes on initial load.
  • Reblog links now all open in new window.


  • Added option to unstick logo.
  • Add note count on top of note portrait grid, same styling as “Show More Notes”
  • Rewrote post randomizing script, now it’s cleaner and more minimal.
  • Photoset posts now works on mobile.
  • Option now defaults to Tumblr default control.
  • Added TV static loading effect.
  • Fixed the quick flash on photo hover when both ragtime and cerean is on.
  • Faster infinite scroll loading.


  • Fixed issue with search and tag container not blending in with the grid on sidebar blent layout.
  • Fixed issue with post container jumping when infinite scroll is fired.
  • Fixed issue with extreme height on post container when infinite scroll fires the first time.
  • Removed “actions” section in post pop-out and permalink page
  • Disabled scrolling when the ajax container is activated.
  • Added scrollbar when the popout posts is taller than the viewers screen window
  • Photoset hovers position fixed.
  • Fixed loading animation issue on safari.


  • Resolved sticky sidebar jagged issue.
  • Removed extra quotation in front of ask questions.
  • Enabled horizontal scrolling even if the window width is smaller than the container width.
  • Photoset gap issue at bottom, fixed by using imagesloaded before masonry fires.
  • Rewrote the filtering function using CSS methods as opposed to javascript.
  • Re-adjusted like button position on photo hovers.


  • Fixed issue with infinite scroll not firing when the viewers screen height is taller than the post container.
  • Fixed Instagram feed.
  • Fixed issue with sidebar positioning on first install. Now it defaults to left.


  • Added script to replace medium resolution image to high resolution image when posts are highlighted (doubled width).
  • Fixed issue with huge gap appearing below photosets.
  • Fixed like button positioning on photo hover effect 2.
  • Enhanced post loading animation.
  • Sidebar is now positioning according to the window width as oppose to the container width.
  • Fixed issue with infinite scroll not firing when the viewer’s screen height is taller than the post container.


  • Fixed issue with new post loads overlapping with each other on initial load
  • Removed black background on photosets.
  • Overall html refinement.
  • Minimized html on post section, enhancing loading speed.


  • All photos now load in 500 pixels as opposed to 1280, increasing the loading speed significantly.
  • Added script to replace medium resolution image to high resolution image when posts are highlighted (doubled width),
  • Removed all description breaks.
  • Removed the ability to click on description, social icon, or search bar when it’s not slided down.
  • Repositioned back to top button.
  • Enhanced infinite scrolling.
  • Fluid support for all screen sizes (non responsive).
  • Packaged javascript files, enhancing loading speed.
  • Fixed positioning issue with like buttons on photo hover.
  • Removed unneccesary scripts.


  • Fixed issue with sticky sidebar jagged when scrolled.
  • Added support for fixed sidebar when the window width is larger than the container width.
  • Fixed issue with permalink page (post page) container with extra height.
  • Enhanced loading speed.
  • Fixed infinite scroll post overlapping issue.
  • Fixed Linkedin not showing issue.


  • Enhanced infinite scrolling. Posts now loads smoothly without overlapping. New posts will fade in as oppose to jumping through the grid.
  • Rebuilt IG feed with enhanced javascript, user ID error prevention, and it now loads the correct amount of images.
  • Added Instagram feed support on the header layout.
  • Repositioned back to top button.
  • Sticked sidebar repositions on mobile devices.
  • Added hover effect on photoset posts.
  • Fixed positioning issue with like button on photo hover.


  • Separated body and title fonts script. Preventing any errors when one of the font don’t load.
  • Enhanced infinite scrolling. Fixed issue with posts overlapping on initial load.
  • Rebuilt IG feed with enhanced javascript, user ID error prevention, and it now loads the correct amount of images.
  • Minified javascript, therefore increasing the loading speed.


  • Post grid now fades in faster (function fires once grid is initialized, previously, it fires when the entire page is finished loading).
  • Fixed issue with site not loading when animated loading option is turned on.
  • Fixed issue with photo lightbox not working.
  • Fixed issue with pagination (not infinite scroll).
  • Fixed and enhanced sticky navigation bar.
  • Fixed navigation links overlaps when it overflows to the second line.
  • Added Fitvids.js, corrects video frame ratios.


  • Removed double horizontal line between search and social icons
  • Sidebar jumping while sticked issue fixed
  • Support viewers that have a smaller window width than the container width

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